Baby weaning

The London Nutritionist Baby-Weaning Workshops

Baby Weaning

What, and how, you feed your child is crucial to their development and health. With so much conflicting information out there it can seem like an incredibly daunting process, instead of the exciting new stage of your baby growing up!

Group sessions are perfect for getting together with the other mums from your NCT or antenatal classes.
Get your group together and I will come to you.
Alternatively I hold regular sessions all over London so please contact me to find out when I am in your area.

The sessions last about and hour and a half and include:
* When & how to start baby weaning
* What type of foods to begin with & which to avoid
* Meeting your baby’s nutritional needs
* How to encourage good habits
* Baby-led weaning
* Dealing with problems
* Safety and hygiene
* Recipes & FREE recipe booklet

Group sessions are £45 per person (min 4 people)

The Goal of Baby Weaning

The ultimate goal of weaning a baby onto solid food is to have a child (and later on and adult!) that eats a wide variety of healthy foods and has good eating habits (that is good behaviour at the table to appropriate meal patterns). Sometimes it’s difficult to think this far ahead when you have a baby who is totally dependent on you, but the good work you do early on pays dividends later in your child’s life – think being able to take your three year-old out to a restaurant without worrying that they will scream the place down or not eat a single thing on the menu. Start as you mean to go on: include your baby at mealtimes and build a routine that fits in with your family meals and lifestyle.