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Sleep Awareness Week

This week is Sleep Awareness Week and, as someone who has at times suffered with insomnia, it’s an awareness week I feel I can really identify with. 

Sleep is something we all need to do if we are to function well the following day, but there are some specific benefits that tie in with nutritional aspects of health too. 

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International Happiness Day: How Does Food Affect Mood?

Food affects mood in a whole host of surprising ways, from vitamin links in metabolic pathways, to our associations with birthday cake.

The biological impact of food on mood

Food and mood are closely related. Whether you feel irritable because you haven’t eaten or you feel like you need to eat comfort food because you’ve had a hard day, the two things are difficult to separate. We have a couple of things going on here. On the one hand there is the psychological prop of having something comforting, and on the other there is the biological need for nutrients. Both are important.

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Eating well for energy

The three pillars of wellness: movement, mindfulness and nutrition!

I teamed up with Re-set to do their nutrition course focussed on improving your energy, which you can find here.


If you are suffering with​ an eating disorder, have…

This one is for everyone out there who is going through an eating disorder (ED) right now. Please notice that I said “going through” because you are going to go all the way through it. There’s a great quote from Winston Churchill: “If you are going through hell, keep going” – Don’t stop till you get out the other side! I want to empower you to keep going. Eating disorder recovery is hard, but so worth it! I specialise in eating disorder recovery and would like to share some of the things I have learned along the way.

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