Online Baby Weaning Workshops

Learn what, when and how to wean in this fun, informative workshop with Jo, a registered dietitian with over 15 years experience. The workshop runs regularly. For more information and to see when the next date is see below.

The Next Online Baby Weaning Workshop

Join us for an exciting online Baby Weaning Workshop on Wed Sep 06 2023 at 10:30 AM BST! £25 per family

Are you a new parent or caregiver looking to introduce solid foods to your little one? This workshop is just for you! It is a small group workshop with a maximum of 10 people meaning that you will get tailored advice for your personal situation. 

Online Baby Weaning Workshops

During this interactive session, we will cover everything you need to know about weaning your baby in a fun and relaxed space. Jo will guide you through the process, providing valuable tips and answering all your burning questions.

Learn about the best time to start weaning, different food options, and how to ensure a balanced diet for your growing baby. We will also discuss common challenges and how to overcome them.

Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to gain valuable knowledge and connect with other parents on the same journey. Email to book your space and get ready to embark on the exciting adventure of introducing solid foods to your little one!

infant nutritionist Jo Travers

Meet your Dietitian

Jo Travers is a professional, evidenced-based dietitian and nutritionist in London who offers online consultations worldwide. She has carried out over 1500 hours of one-to-one consultations with more than 600 clients, as well as the additional hours of workshops, research, and media work with the BBC, Channel 4, The Islam channel and more.