Shedding the baby-weight

The London Nutritionist Losing the baby-weight workshops
This is a six-part workshop to help you get get that baby-weight off before the next one comes along! The evidence shows that people have greater success with managing their weight if they are supported by peers, so give yourself the best chance!

These sessions are perfect for getting together with the other mums from your NCT or antenatal classes and giving each other support. Screaming babies welcome.
Get your group together and I will come to you.
Alternatively I hold regular sessions all over London so please contact me to find out when I am in your area.

Each session lasts about an hour. The programme includes:
* A chance to check your weight and measurements at each session
* The benefits of a healthy weight
* Healthy eating for weight loss
* How much weight should I lose?
* How to manage eating healthily with a new addition to the family
* How to keep the weight off once it’s gone
* An opportunity for a one-to-one session
* Recipes

£120 per person
(min 4 people, discount for 8+)