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Workplace Nutrition Workshops

Over 75% of workers said they believed their health would improve if they were offered the right information and tools through a worksite health & wellness programme.
American Association of Occupational Health Nurses Inc.

For your staff benefit scheme

If you are looking for staff benefit ideas or something for your Health & Wellbeing Week, booking a workplace nutrition workshop or clinic day is a great place to start and has a low cost per head. Everybody has to eat and many would like to eat better and a little bit of help can help give them the confidence to take that first step.

I can provide group nutrition talks and workshops which are tailored to your industry and budget, and offer a drop-in or booked nutrition clinic service for one-on-one evidence-based advice for employees. Please see below for some examples.

Food & mood
How what we eat can affect the way we feel in both the short- and long-term
There are many ways that foods can affect how we feel, just as how we feel has a large influence on what foods we choose. Learn how to avoid common pitfalls and to get the range of nutrients needed to keep smiling.

Keeping energized throughout the day
How to avoid the 4 o’clock slump!
What and when we eat has a huge effect on our physical and mental energy levels. A guided tour of the best, and worst, foods for keeping buzzing during the working day.

Weight management
Strategies to manage diet & lifestyle to achieve a healthy weight
Help your staff reach their weight goals and improve health by lowering body mass index, reducing risk factors for diabetes and improving self-esteem. The evidence shows that people have greater success with managing their weight if they are supported by peers, so give your work-force the best chance!

Healthy heart
Prevention and management of heart disease and its precursors
Diet & lifestyle have a huge part to play in heart health. Provide your staff with the skills they need to make healthy choices and reduce their risk of developing heart disease and its associated conditions.

Stress & IBS
Strategies to manage diet & lifestyle to manage the symptoms of IBS
The NHS state on their website “It is estimated that 3 out of 4 people with IBS will have at least one bout of depression, and just over half will develop generalised anxiety disorder (a condition that can cause overwhelming feelings of anxiety, fear and dread).” This will equip staff with the knowledge to navigate their way around the condition.

Each of the workshops is available in all the formats below. The delivery option that you choose will determine the depth and scope of the information and teaching provided. For example a two-hour interactive workshop will allow greater exploration of the topics than could be covered by a nutrition stand.

Weight and body composition testing and advice
Testing body-fat percentage, muscle mass, body mass index, bone mass, visceral fat and basal metabolic rate. Each person will be given a print out with their numbers and an advice sheet. 60mins. Allow 10mins per person.

Full- or half-day drop-in clinic
One-to-one consultations to address personal concerns and come up with a plan based on the individual’s circumstances.

Full- or half-day nutrition stand
A healthy eating nutrition stand where staff members can come throughout the day and find out how they can improve their health through diet; have their questions answered; have their body mass index checked and get information about the latest healthy eating campaigns.

90min-2hr workshop
An interactive class for 4 – 30 people, which can cover a topic in some depth. There are learning activities for participants to gain knowledge and help build skills. There is also time to workshop ideas and specific issues.

6-week nutrition education programme
60min once a week covering the above topics and more.

For your business

Providing a healthy workspace can lead to healthier employees. As reported by the Confederation of British Industry (2010), the average direct cost of absence is £595 with an average indirect cost of £465 per employee. Improving the wellbeing of your staff can reduce absence; lead to a more productive workforce; and improve staff morale.

If you would like to get your company and workplace healthier I can provide a consultancy service covering all aspects of nutrition including how to register and get your company listed with the government’s Responsibility Deal.

If you are interested in finding out more about the workplace clinics or workshops or would like a bespoke corporate nutrition package, please feel free to contact me