Corporate nutrition workshops

Corporate nutrition workshops help your business

Corporate nutrition workshops: 5 ways they can help your business

Corporate nutrition workshops can help your business day after day, meal after meal. Nutrition is something we all need multiple times a day to survive, and surviving is what humans do extremely well! However there is a big difference between surviving and thriving, and eating well is one thing that can make that difference.

While it’s possible to survive and adapt when you are exhausted, stressed, and suffering from various recurrent illnesses, it’s a long way from being full of energy, focused, feeling calm and in control. Thriving also means having room in your life for growth instead of having just enough capacity to fight the latest fire.

1. Improve your employees’ energy

Corporate nutrition workshops improve energy

Energy is necessary for going for a run yes, but it’s also necessary for engaging in work. Whether it’s digging roads or contributing to a meeting, feeling energised and avoiding the 4 o’clock slump will make your workforce work better.
Corporate nutrition workshops can be guided tour of the best (and worst) foods for keeping buzzing during the working day.

2. Improve your employees’ focus

Corporate nutrition workshops improve focus

What and when we eat has a huge effect on our physical and mental focus. Whether this is concentration on a given task, listening and following instructions or even the number of typos someone makes (our fine and gross motor skills can be affected by poor eating habits), it can mean productivity goes down. Knowing which foods and drinks help and in what portion sizes isn’t always intuitive but nutrition workshops can give them that knowledge.

3. Improve your employees’ health

Corporate nutrition workshops improve health

Heart disease, stroke, cancer, and dementia are the top four causes of death in the UK and are all diet-related. When you add things like IBS and obesity to the list it’s easy to see how the right nutrition advice can improve the health of the majority of people in your workplace.

4. improve your employees’ self esteem

Corporate nutrition workshops improve self-esteem

Diet plays a huge role in poor self esteem, particularly when diet becomes dieting. Weight loss is always one of the top New Years resolutions, but so many diets fail because people don’t know how to lose wight successfully. This can lead to a downward spiral of poor self-esteem as they add ‘failed diet’ to their list. Dieting is horrible but knowing how to eat well can achieve weight loss and health without dieting. Wellbeing days can give your staff the skills to change their eating habits for good.

5. Improve your employees’ mental wellbeing

Corporate nutrition workshops improve mental wellbeing

What we eat can affect the way we feel mentally, in several ways. From the nutrients necessary to make neurotransmitter and brain cells to the fibre feeding the gut bacteria that talk to the brain via the gut-brain axis. Additionally, how we feel has a large influence on what foods we choose! Giving your employees the knowledge of how to avoid common pitfalls and to get the range of nutrients they need, will keep them feeling content.

Corporate nutrition workshops: more information

You can book a workshop on any nutrition topic, for any length from £300. Please click here for some examples of the most popular nutrition workshops. All of these can be in-person or online workshops. You can also download the brochure.

How to book a corporate nutrition workshop

The easiest way to book is to email Jo at or to call on 07540 305 699.