Nutritionist Diet Plan Service

Nutritionist Diet Plan Service

Personalised meal and diet plans tailored to your specific needs and lifestyle can help you get where you want to be with your health, weight and overall wellbeing.


How the nutritionist diet plan service works

Your nutritionist diet plan will be personalised to you depending on where you are now with your diet and where you are trying to get to with your health. Whether you are trying to lose weight, improve cholesterol, sort out your IBS symptoms or simply feel better, a nutritionist diet plan takes into account your personal situations, challenges specific to you, your likes and dislikes and your ability to cook! This isn’t an off-the shelf plan but one that is designed for you.

You fill in an online questionnaire with details about you, your goals and your food preferences and I will put together a 7-day meal plan with recipes. You can have the option to log-in and switch meals out if there’s something you don’t like, and even download a shopping list.

To get the most out of a meal or diet plan, I highly recommend having a consultation alongside. Check my availability and prices page.

I will aim to get your nutritionist diet plan to you within 24hrs of you completing the online questionnaire.

Diet Plan Price

£95 – 7-day meal plan with recipes emailed to you. Once you have paid you will be directed to the online questionnaire page. Please complete and submit the form.

The benefits of a nutritionist diet plan

  1. Portion Control: We often eat more or less than we need of some foods and having a nutritionist plan your diet helps you understand what your body needs.
  2. Eating better in the moment: When you don’t have a meal plan, you likely rely on grabbing whatever is to hand and that usually means processed and unhealthy foods! By having foods planned out in advance, you can avoid this kind of convenience eating.
  3. Time Savings: The stress of hunger combined with the frustration of not knowing what to eat can be overwhelming. With a meticulously nutritionist-planned meal, you are outsourcing all the thinking to the nutritionist and spare your time and energy for other things.
  4. Financial Savings: Practically everyone strives to save money, and meal planning is one way to do this. By avoiding grabbing expensive convenience food you can significantly reduce your overall food costs.
  5. Minimized Food Waste: Meal planning encourages a structured approach to food shopping. Knowing how each item will be used ensures that nothing languishes in your fridge and goes to waste.