Jo Travers, author of The Low-Fad Diet, is a practising, evidence-based Registered Dietitian with a First Class BSc (Hons) degree in Human Nutrition and Dietetics. Her experience in the field includes time working in the NHS throughout London as well as ten years in private nutritional practice. She is available for comment or interview. She is also able to provide talks, workshops and written articles.

Jo can be contacted via 07540 305699 or or @LDNnutritionist or

Please follow the links below to view press releases and some selected media features showing some of Jo’s experience as a media nutritionist and media dietitian.

Film & TV

Love Your Gut: Three basic steps to improve your gut health

What Britain Buys with Mary Portas: Are microwaves healthy?

The Islam Channel: The best foods for fasting during Ramadan

The Islam Channel: Nutrition questions answered

Sharestyle: Interview

Practical Action: Pumpkins against poverty with Kate Thornton

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Dubai TV: Diabetes in children and adolescents

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Life Changing Choices; Carbohydrates, Protein and Good Fat – A Balanced Diet

Life Changing Choices; What Is Metabolism & How Can I Increase It?

Life Changing Choices; Starvation Mode & Yo-Yo Dieting

Life Changing Choices; Gluten, Coeliac Disease and food allergies


BBC London, Vanesa Feltz; Portion sizes

BBC London, Nikki Bedi on Sunday; Nutrition phone-in

LBC, Nick Ferrari at Breakfast; Eggs and stroke risk

Ian Payne on Drive Time LBC; Gluten-free diets

Scummy Mummies podcast; Weaning and infant nutrition: Scum dine with me

BBC Bristol, Feb; Pregnancy cravings

Sally Elkington’s The Surgery, Compass FM; 5-a-day fruit & veg

Jo Good’s radio show BBC London; fad diets part 1
Jo Good’s radio show BBC London; fad diets part 2


The Sun: Strictly’s Ola Jordan shows off incredible 3.5st weight loss in bikini transformation

Stylist: How to start meal prepping

The i: What are postbiotics? The latest gut health buzzword explained

The i: Eight glasses of water, 10,000 steps, five fruit and veg: Are these numbers a healthy rule

Independent; Cockroach milk could be next superfood, scientists claim

Stylist: What counts as one of your 5-a-day

Women’s Health; What a nutritionist would order from the pizza express menu

The Express: How to fix your gut health: 5 simple ways from a dietitian including exact foods to eat

Daily Mail; Revealed: How lard is actually GOOD for you

The Guardian; Deconstructing Donald Trump’s diet

The Tab; How much good does going vegan for a month actually do?

Independent; Biohacking: Why the latest fasting diet may do more harm than good

The Telegraph; How to be healthy at work

The Sun; A Helping Hand with Portion Sizes

Get The Gloss; I get fed up with people who are down on bread

The Telegraph; How to make your child a healthy breakfast that they’ll actually like

CIPD; Employers told to ‘cut the cake’ to avoid wellbeing crisis

Mail on Sunday; Herbal weight-loss product is slammed by nutrition experts

MSN Lifestyle; 30 food and drink ‘facts’ that just aren’t true

Indy 100 (The Independent); Experts explain the very first thing you should do when you wake up

Men’s Health: MH investigates the great supermarket swindle

The Lifestyle Library; The wine diet is on the rise

Munchies (VICE): Sticking This Patch on Your Arm Could Kill Your Next Hangover

Huffpost Lifestyle: Eating Avocado Seeds Could Benefit Your Health, Hair And Skin (Apparently)

Air Charter Service: Modern Tips for Alleviating Jet Lag

Huffington Post: Model Giorgos Tsetis Sacrificed Sex For Six Years When Hair Loss Drug Left Him Impotent

The Guardian G2: ‘A sugar crash!’ Dietitians on the snacks that fuelled the Iranian nuclear deal

Huffington Post: What Is The Pegan Diet And Can It Help You Lose Weight?

Huffington Post: What does your poo say about your health?

Huffington Post May: Foods To Make You Fit Not Thin: What To Eat Before And After A Workout For A Strong Body

VICE: Protein World beach body advert

Femail (Daily Mail): Two mugs of coffee one hour prior to exercise improves your workout by a THIRD

The i: Five-a-day fruit and veg ‘may not be enough

Marie Claire: The Werewolf Diet: Why This Sounds Like A Load Of Old Rubbish

The Independent: We’re just not tucking away our five a day: Britain shuns health benefits of raw fruit and veg

Woman & Home: Do you know what you’re really eating?

Huffington Post: What Nutritionists And Fitness Experts Have To Say About Pregnant Blogger Loni Jane Who Promoted Fruit And Raw Diet

Daily Mail: Taste changes during pregnancy

Metro: Taste changes during pregnancy

Daily Mail Good Health: Nutrient Stealers

Food Navigato: Is azuki the next big bean?

FRANK magazine: State of Sugar

Femail Magazine (Daily Mail): Put a Little Spring into your Skin

Now Magazine Diet Special; the alternate day diet

New mothers distrust advice from mother-in-law about baby feeding: press release

Educated mothers are turning their backs on health visitors: Press Release

Fussy Eaters