Online courses for nutrition students

Online Nutrition Courses

I know from my own experience how hard it can be to get experience in clinic with a qualified nutritionist or dietitian. So I am developing some online courses for nutrition students as a kind of virtual shadowing experience. I will expand this to a full course on how to set up and manage a nutrition business, but firstly, I have started with a free mini-course on the thing which I found the hardest when I started out.

Online course for nutrition students: How to run an initial nutrition consultation

Learn the 5 steps to running a productive nutrition consultation with confidence

This online course for nutrition students covers how to run a complete consultation with a new client. From introducing yourself, to getting the right information from them. It’s what I have learned from over 1500 hours of one-to-one consultations, broken down into 5 simple steps. 

This course also includes entry to the London Nutritionist Learning Group online community, so you can discuss the course with others.

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Online courses for nutrition students – coming soon

For all nutrition students

  • the stages of a consultation
  • clinic set-up checklist
  • building rapport
  • client aftercare
  • how to run a follow-up consultation

For freelance nutritionists

These courses will be intended for freelance nutritionists

  • new client registrations and bookings
  • keeping client data secure
  • finding a clinic room
  • marketing yourself
  • other income streams

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