Group Nutrition Workshops

Group nutrition workshops are a cost-effective way of seeing a dietitian. Most of my online group workshops are £25pp per session.

You can also get your own group together for a workshop either online or, if you are in London, I can come to you in-person. Minimum 6 people or £150.

You can your own group workshop on any nutrition topic, for any length or book one of the ones below.

Online Group Nutrition Workshops

Please email me for my next online dates for the following workshops. I run them regularly so if the next one is fully booked, I can put you down for the following session.

baby weaning group nutrition workshop
weight management group nutrition workshop
nutrition for exercise group nutrition workshop

Baby Weaning

Ditch the Diet

Nutrition for Exercise

What, and how, you feed your baby can seem like an incredibly daunting process, instead of the exciting new stage of your baby growing up! Perfect for getting together with your antenatal class.

Diets don’t work but there is a way to get to a healthy weight without them and improve your relationship with food.

Sensible, simple guidelines for weight management that lasts.

When you eat is as important as what you eat when it comes to exercise nutrition. This workshop explains how you can maximise the benefits of exercise so you can achieve more without necessarily doing more! 

Eat well group nutrition workshop
food & mood group nutrition workshop
gut health group nutrition workshop

Eat Well to Feel Well

Food & Mood

Gut Health

A group nutrition workshop covering the basics of what, when and how much to eat to feel good; how food affects mood and how to keep energy and focus throughout the day. 

A deeper look into how what we eat can affect the way we feel mentally, just as how we feel has a large influence on what foods we choose! Learn how to avoid common pitfalls and to get the range of nutrients needed to keep smiling.

The gut is one of the most complex organs not only taking care of digestion, but communicating with the brain, and the immune system. These group nutrition workshops look at how to improve gut health.

Keeping energised group nutrition workshop
inflammation group nutrition workshop
childhood nutrition group nutrition workshop

Keeping Energised

What is inflammation anyway?

Childhood Nutrition

How to avoid the 4 o’clock slump!
What and when we eat has a huge effect on our physical and mental energy levels. A guided tour of the best (and worst) foods for keeping buzzing during the day.

Inflammation is the cause of non-communicable diseases such as cancer, diabetes and heart disease. Diet and lifestyle are key factors in reducing inflammation and helping people live longer – and most importantly -healthier lives.

Understanding the unique nutritional needs of children at each life stage (including the fussy stage!) can provide your staff with the knowledge and confidence to keep their children healthy.

mindful eating group nutrition workshop
plant-based diets group nutrition workshop
meal planning group nutrition workshop

Mindful Eating

Plant-based diets

Meal Planning

Learn how to tune into your body’s hunger and satiety cues. These group nutrition workshops will help you feel in control of the way you eat and snack.

Going meat-free should be more than just cutting out meat. Understand how to get everything you need from a plant-based diet and improve your health as well as the planet’s.

Never organized enough to cook? Eating too many takeaways? This group nutrition workshop will help you understand how to plan your meals for whichever budget to improve your health and your bank balance.

Other Online Nutrition Content

The Nutrition Hub

Online Nutrition Courses

If you want to change the way you look and feel, you need a little understanding of what your body needs and how it uses nutrients from the food you eat. These course give you this understanding in an easy, accessible and fun way.

The nutrition knowledge hubs are a great way to get where you want to be from the comfort of your home. Some hubs also include access to an online community of people with other people wanting the same things.

What to eat online nutrition course
When to eat online nutrition course
how much to eat online nutrition course

The age-old question! Find out which foods your body really needs to look and feel great.

Want to feel full of energy and less hungry? Find out how.

Portion sizes are so important, but not one size fits all. Simple, easy to follow instructions that won’t leave you hungry.

Getting your head around online nutrition course
Putting changes into practice online nutrition course
Recipes online nutrition course

If making changes and sticking to them were easy, then you would have already done it by now. But with the right strategies you’ll be there in no time.

Common pitfalls and what to do if things go wrong.

A bundle of all my short courses on how to eat well. Includes What, When and How to Eat; Getting Your Head Around It and Putting Changes in to Practice.

Monthly Challenges

Bloating? Cramps? General digestive problems? This nutrition knowledge hub will help you solve them

Coming Soon. A new health-related challenge every month! Dry January, Five-a-day Feb, Meat-free March and more.

My favourite healthy recipes

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Jo has been a dietitian for 10 years and a nutritionist for 15. Seeing clients in clinic and in businesses and has developed these nutrition knowledge hubs that help people change their bodies and minds in the way they want. Not everyone had access to a dietitian. Now they do.