The London Nutritionist

Weight Loss Nutritionist in London

Tailored diet plans and support to help you manage your weight
Specialised advice to help you get to your weight loss goals. This service will take into account your current weight, lifestyle and personal goals to form an individual programme that’s suited to you. You can have as many or as few sessions as you feel you need.

Why weight loss is difficult without support

Everybody would like a quick fix with weight loss which is why fad diets are big business, but the truth is it takes a lifetime to build up eating habits and it takes time and effort to break them down again.

It’s important to understand how the body uses food but also how we in our culture use food; for pleasure, socialising, celebrating, entertaining and all sorts of other reasons. Having a professional that you can speak to, discuss where things are going well and where the challenges lie for you personally, is worth a hundred contradictory diet books.

Weight loss is possible and with it brings better health, wellbeing, and increased self-esteem. What are you waiting for? Seize the day!