Weight Management

The London Nutritionist Weight Management
Help your staff reach their weight goals and improve health by lowering body mass index, reducing risk factors for diabetes and improving self-esteem. The evidence shows that people have greater success with managing their weight if they are supported by peers, so give your work-force the best chance!

This can either be run as six, one-hour sessions or as a shorter half-day seminar.
The workshop includes:
* A chance to check your weight and measurements
* The benefits of a healthy weight
* An evidence-based take on diet plans such as Atkins, South Beach, the blood group diet and others
* Healthy eating for weight loss
* How much weight should I lose?
* Understanding food labels
* How to manage eating in the canteen & restaurants
* How to keep the weight off once it’s gone
* Available resources to help
* An opportunity for a one-to-one session
* Recipes

From £1200