Getting Maximum Value From Your Nutrition Workshop

Corporate nutrition workshops help your business

Thinking about promoting healthier eating habits at your workplace? Well, one great way to kickstart that journey is by organising a nutrition workshop. But what’s the secret sauce for a successful nutrition workshop, you ask? After more than 10years of delivering workplace nutrition workshops I have learned a few things. Here’s a few tips for squeezing maximum value from your workshop.

1. Make Nutrition Part of Your Wellbeing Strategy

Booking a 60min workshop is great, but it’s even better if you compliment it with regular nutrition messaging around the office and on your intranet. For example, combining your nutrition workshop with monthly healthy eating challenges, can keep the momentum going and makes it easier for people to keep eating well long after the workshop finishes. Encourage people to have goals around their wellbeing and track their own progress. At The London Nutritionist I offer loads of options to compliment your workshops from monthly nutrition challenges to drop-in clinics and more.

2. Variety and Interaction are Important

Most people enjoy a workshop that is full of interaction rather than someone talking at them. My nutrition workshops are fun and entertaining as well as informative, and much of that comes from engaging with the group. I always tailor this to the group in front of me, but there is usually a few people eager to share and this gives the opportunity to workshop situations and inevitably leads to lots of questions.

I have a wide range of popular nutrition topics to choose from, but I can design something specific for your group. Topics like “Eat Well to Feel Well”, Food & Mood or “Gut Health” are really engaging because everyone can relate to them. I give highly practical and easy recommendations that people can take and incorporate into their everyday lives.

3. Time Your Nutrition Workshop Right

Ever organized a fantastic workshop only to find that hardly anyone showed up? It can be discouraging, right? Getting the timing right is crucial. Here are a few tips:

  • Give people plenty of time to book the workshop in their schedules.
  • Record the session so people can watch it at a time that suits them.
  • Plan ahead and schedule workshops throughout the year, linking in with national campaigns  events like Nutrition & Hydration Week or World Mental Health Day, can really help.
Mental Health Day Food & Mood nutrition workshops

4. Promote Your Nutrition Workshop

Worried about attendance? There’s a few things you can do to get people interested. Start promoting your workshop early, ideally three weeks in advance and get people to book their place. Offering lunch or refreshments is always an incentive for coming too! Because nutrition workshops have a low cost per head, it can free up a bit of budget to spend on healthy snacks.

Lunch & Learn nutrition workshop

5. Post-Workshop Follow-up

Don’t stop once the workshop ends! Ask for feedback on the session and gather thoughts on what other sessions might interest them. Having healthy recipes and nutrition content on your staff newsletters or on the intranet can help people on-track with their health. I offer lots of digital content you can use alongside your nutrition workshop to encourage healthy  behaviours.

If you’d like to know more about the workshops I offer visit The London Nutritionist Please feel free to email me with any questions you have and to get a no-obligation quote.