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  • max 2

    “I can fit in to my wedding dress!!!!!!!!! Thanks Jo!”

  • primomummy

    She really helped me and my NCT group with the weaning minefield. My daughter is now happily chomping on all sorts.

  • markforeman1

    Efficient and useful and didn’t make me pay for sessions I didn’t need.

  • Jenny Miller

    So grateful I found “the London nutritionist’. After being told to cut out nearly all foods for my son’s eczema by another nutritionist without any improvement she really helped us make sure he was getting what he needed rather than arbitrary restrictions.

  • Liam

    I did the London to Brighton Bike Ride and after cycling half the distance and being knackered, spoke to Jo who gave me an easy to follow plan for the run-up to the day and the ride. I felt like I could have carried on a bit further. Amazing that eating at the right time could make such a difference. I want to come within the first hundred next time and will definitely start my nutrition sessions earlier.

  • Anon.

    Thanks, I really can’t believe my IBS so much better now.

  • Bess Orchard

    Me and my sister and a couple of friends held our own weight loss course with Jo Travers. Very personable and we are all sticking to our diet (so far!)

  • Deborah Clarkson

    diet was made to suit me so she didn’t say I had to eat carbs or had to eat steamed fish (yuk!)

  • Laura24

    Jo Travers is excellent. We first saw her with my 6 month old daughter who was refusing food – she was recommended to me by a friend who’d been to a weening class – but have seen her since for DH’s IBS which has improved so much.

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