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Corporate nutrition workshops help your business

Corporate nutrition workshops

Corporate nutrition workshops: 5 ways they can help your business

Corporate nutrition workshops can help your business day after day, meal after meal. Nutrition is something we all need multiple times a day to survive, and surviving is what humans do extremely well! However there is a big difference between surviving and thriving, and eating well is one thing that can make that difference.

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Sleep Awareness Week

Sleep Awareness Week

This week is Sleep Awareness Week and, as someone who has at times suffered with insomnia, it’s an awareness week I feel I can really identify with. 

Sleep is something we all need to do if we are to function well the following day, but there are some specific benefits that tie in with nutritional aspects of health too. 

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Eating well for energy

The three pillars of wellness: movement, mindfulness and nutrition!

I teamed up with Re-set to do their nutrition course focussed on improving your energy, which you can find here.