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Eating well
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This is a bundle of my short courses on eating well worth £59.99 individually. Nearly 50 lessons, activities and meal plans to get you eating well.

This Eating Well bundle contains:

Now, finally, there is a sensible, realistic and easy to follow guide on how to eating well. From the comfort of your own home and at your own pace.

This bundle is designed for anyone who wants to have a better relationship with food and look and feel great.

Do you:

  • want to look and feel better?
  • have a tricky relationship with food?
  • want to know more about nutrition and how our bodies use nutrients?
  • feel doomed to be “on a diet” for the rest of your life?
  • hate diets?
  • want to stop thinking about food all day?
  • have no access to a private nutritionist or dietitian?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, this bundle is for YOU.

This course contains more than I would cover in 6 one-to-one sessions – that’s £900.

This course on eating well contains videos, activities, meal plans and downloadable resources to help you get a better diet and enjoy your food.

Meet your dietitian

All the information found in these on-demand nutrition courses is written by Registered Dietitians or other evidence-based health professionals

Jo Travers BSc RD MBDA

Jo, author of The Low-Fad Diet and The Bone Strength Plan is a professional, evidenced-based nutritionist in London but offering online consultations worldwide. She has carried out over 1600 hours of one-to-one consultations with more than 600 clients, as well as the additional hours of workshops, research, and media work with the BBC, Channel 4, The Islam channel and more. She has more than 1500 followers on social media and has recently launched a YouTube channel.

She has a First Class BSc (Cons) in Human Nutrition and Dietetics and is registered with the Health and Care Professions Council. She is also a spokesperson for the British Dietetic Association.

Jo Travers The London Nutritionist has written the content for the nutrition courses