Cravings are common with most lifestyle changes, particularly if you are restricting too much. Getting the right balance of nutrients (including carbs!) and eating regularly should help to prevent them in the first place. But some people still do get cravings, and often the cravings are for unhealthy foods. Fighting cravings is hard and can wear down your motivation so sometimes it’s better to have whatever it is you want – but when you do have it, you must give it your full attention! Eat mindfully, enjoy it and savour the moment. Squeeze every last bit of satisfaction out of it so that you make the most of it.

However, giving in to cravings all the time is not going to help you reach your weight goals. But as I said it’s hard to deny yourself the thing you want. It’s actually much easier to not want it in the first place. And that too is easier than it sounds! It’s a question of thinking about your short-term goal (eating the thing you are craving) and your long-term goal (getting to your ideal weight) and which you want more. When you are deciding whether to eat something, try to make a mindful decision about which thing you want more: the nice taste or to get to the weight you want to be. Sometimes just asking yourself this question is enough to change the pattern of behaviour.

Remember to look out for taste satiety as well. If the rush of pleasure has subsided somewhat, try to stop eating. You could always finish it if you get the craving later. Re-visit the section on Mindfulness for more help.