What to have in your cupboards

Having good and satisfying things you can eat readily available overcomes several barriers to eating well. So many times I have had clients say to me, “I just couldn’t think what to eat”, or “I was so tired and hungry that I didn’t have the time or energy to cook.” By anticipating problems like these when you are doing your shopping, you eliminate the problem of having to make a hard decision when you are worn out and starving – possibly the worst time to have to make a hard decision. Also I recommend a microwave for fast cooking, reheating and defrosting to reduce the likelihood of pre-meal snacking!


Spinach; peas; sweetcorn; mushrooms; stir-fry mix; roasted veg; berries/fruit; pitta bread; minced beef; chicken; fish; filo pastry.


Salad; vegetables; jars of roasted peppers, capers, olives, etc; cheese; eggs; yogurt; houmous; meat; fish; cooked meats and fish; condiments.


Oats; muesli; pasta; rice; ready cooked pouches, tins or jars of lentils, beans, tomatoes, rice, couscous, sauces; potatoes; bread; cereal bars; oatcakes or wholegrain crackers; spices.

Fruit bowl

Whatever fruit you like.