Being cooked for by others

Like cooking for others, being dependent on someone else cooking for you can be impossible when you are trying to eat well. Even if you are not trying to follow a particular way of eating you are still at the mercy of what gets put in front of you. How do you say to someone that you don’t want to eat that meal that they have lovingly prepared for you? It can be tricky, but if there is someone in your life that cooks for you, I bet they also want to cook you something that you’ll feel happy eating.

I would begin by discussing the fact that you want to start eating more healthily and why. The next step would be to help them understand what eating more healthily actually means. Most people agree that being healthier is a positive goal, but they may have a misconception about what eating healthier entails and be scared that they are going to have to give up their favourite foods. You know now that this isn’t the case. Explain the plate model and the portion guide to them.

Come up with a plan together to make it possible. Does it mean you finding some good recipes or doing an online shop? Could you offer to do some of the cooking? Could you carry on eating the same foods but just tweak the portion sizes a bit? Perhaps suggest that you want to dish out your own food.

At the end of the day, the person who cooks your food will very likely want to help you achieve your goals – and they might get healthier along the way too!