Big events

There are three main ways to deal with big events that involve a lot of food. I’m talking about things such as weddings, or Christmas or holidays.

You can either take a break from eating well and let go and relax.

This way may mean it takes a longer time to reach your goals but it may also give you a necessary break from the strain of being strict all the time. Also, planning to have a day off is often better for self-esteem than trying to eat well and not managing it.

Stick completely to eating well.

This way will help keep you on track for your goals but may be challenging. Challenging is great if you are feeling up for it because you will feel brilliant if you succeed, but on the other hand can be somewhat miserable if you are missing out on a Michelin-starred braised lamb with garlic butter mushrooms.

Have a moderate approach.

This way is a bit like damage limitation. You relax a bit but don’t go crazy. For example, you might choose to have all three courses but you have the most balanced options, or you choose the less healthy options but have only two courses. This type of approach will leave you feeling in control without feeling deprived.

For a two-week holiday you may employ all three ways at different times. Some days you eat moderately and then on the days where you choose to have a blowout it won’t have so much impact on your weight. This also works when you have a string of weddings or Christmas parties.