Go back to basics

The first thing I suggest you do is to go back to the Standard Food Plan and check you have everything well structured, have all the food groups represented, and are eating the right portion sizes. These are by far the things that are the most important. Everything else is fine tuning and will have much less impact anyway, so don’t sweat them.

Next, try to figure out what you are finding tricky.

Do you need to be more organised?

Devoting a little bit of time to planning and getting systems in place, can save a lot of time and effort in the moment. Try blocking out an hour to plan your meals. Prepping food at the weekends for reheating during the week is a great example of how you can save time and effort.

Have you got other things going that are taking priority?

Eating better is a great goal to have, but it won’t always be able to be your priority, and that is completely fine! You can’t do everything! If you haven’t had time to shop and you need to get Deliveroo, then try to make the best of the situation. Make sure you get all the food groups (including vegetables!) and eat the right portion sizes. That is good enough.

Weight loss

If you are trying to lose weight and it’s not happening, make sure that your fun foods aren’t adding too many calories. It’s fine to have a little bit of what you fancy but if you have too much of it then you may find it stops you from losing weight. The same goes for alcohol. Weekends tend to be quite different from during the week for most people so check that you aren’t undoing all your good work with a weekend blowout.

Remember that some people are genetically programmed to respond more to fat or carbs. If you think this might be you, you may find that reducing amounts will help. Try one at a time and don’t cut them out completely. If you think fat may be your issue then cut down on nuts, seeds, avocados, dressings and fatty cuts of meat and see if this helps. If you want to try reducing carbs, go down to 3-5 portions per day instead of 4-6. Continue to spread them throughout the day.